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Data Download

Calibrated Master HaLRGB files  $19.95

Practice your deep sky astrophotography editing skills with the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy data set. 


  • You will receive:

    • Calibrated Hydrogen Alpha Master frame* 27 x 1200s (FIT)

    • Calibrated Luminance Master frame* 20 x 600s (FIT)

    • Calibrate RGB Master frame* 6 x 600s (FIT)

    • *These Master frames have been dark, bias, and flat calibrated

  • Capture details:

    • Telescope: PlaneWave CDK24

    • Mount: PlaneWave L-600 

    • Camera: FLI Proline 16803

    • Observatory: ObsTech in Chile

  • Captured from pristine dark skies at ObsTech in Chile 


I install telescopes for astrophotographers, researchers, and University clients. I have spent nearly two decades as an astrophotographer and during that time have installed over 50 telescope systems for astronomers. I am grateful to have turned my passion into a career, so please contact me for astrophotography training, consulting, and systems integration. Knowing where to start with equipment selection to achieve professional results is difficult, so trust in me as your tutor to help you reach your imaging goals.

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