Free Data Download

Practice your deep sky astrophotography skills by editing this stunning data set of the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy I captured from ObsTech in Chile with a PlaneWave Instruments CDK24 telescope and L-600 direct-drive mount.


  • Are you ready to edit some of the most beautiful data of the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy available? Click the download link above to receive the FITs files for editing in your astronomy software of choice!


Hi! My name is Matt and I am a professional photographer with 15 years of experience and a passion for education. Along with a Master's degree in Geology and Planetary Science, I hold a teaching degree and was a National Park Service Astronomy Ranger. The goal of my workshops is to help teach my students so they reach their full photographic potential. Having students push their creative boundaries and enjoying themselves in the field behind the camera means everything to me. I know how exciting it is catching that inspiring moment with a camera and I love sharing that excitement with my students! When you sign up for my workshops you are not only enrolling in an educational trip, but you are joining a family of other workshop photographers who share your passion for travel and self-improvement.