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COVID19 Disclaimer: In the event a workshop scheduled for 2023 is postponed due to travel restrictions then students will be booked for the following workshop.

Photography Workshops

Are you ready for a photography adventure of a lifetime?


2023 Workshops
Atacama Desert
in Chile
7 DAYS | $3,495
Dates:Aug.13th-20th, 2023
Activity Level: Moderate
Class Size: 8 Students
2024 Workshops
Horsehead Nebula_edited_edited.jpg
Dates: May 3rd - 8th, 2024
Activity Level: Easy
Class Size: 4 Students
5 DAYS | $3,495
Astrophotography at
ObsTech Observatory in Chile
Sold out!
Dates: July 6th-8th, 2024
Activity Level: Easy
Class Size: 8 Students
3 DAYS | $1,495
Mount Rainier
National Park
Dates: Sept. 23-31, 2024
Activity Level: Easy
Class Size: 12 Students
Coming Soon!
Northern Lights
in Lofoten Norway
Deep Sky
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